Drawing with light

This online magazine was created in order to provide those of us who love photography a mean to share a common passion for photographic images.

More then a simple exhibition of captures, we try to focus on photographers that need others in order to exist, on the ones that urge for a public, for collaborations, for the sharing of their passion, hence the photo-collective. Professionals or amateurs, they can be both, one or the other.

Each trimester our staff selects photographers based on their spontaneously submitted photos but also from invited guests. Registered users participate in the evaluation and pre-selection by submitting their votes and commentaries and the final choices will be accompagnied by our staff's explanation covering not only artistic, technical, sociological but also philosophical aspects.

In that way we hope to enhance the photo-collective through the years and have one more reason to love photography.

New digital media has revolutionized the way we take picture and the internet the way we share, but we need to go beyond, remember what a photograph is all about, more than a print or a file format, a reflection of the present of our times.

Part of the Wild project since 1995.

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